April 29th - June 6th - Solo Exhibition Sandra Jonkers, Rotterdam en de Rotterdammers - RAW Streetphoto Gallery


RAW Streetphoto Gallery is extremely proud to invite you to the opening of the unique exhibition of the best Dutch street photographer Sandra Jonkers.
In addition to the exhibition opening RAW Streetphoto Gallery would like to celebrate with you the gallery's first anniversary.

Sandra Jonkers has her own style of photography and a unique way of revealing the true nature of the subject: “Zodra ik de camera om mijn nek heb hangen en de straat op ga komt een bepaald gevoel van vrijheid over me heen. Mijn hoofd vol met alledaagse beslommeringen loopt langzaam leeg en krijgt lucht. Tijdens het fotograferen raak ik in een 'flow', mijn 'flow'. Ik schiet puur op mijn gevoel zonder dat ik daar al teveel over nadenk. Bijna onbewust componeer ik de foto in een 'split second'.”

Jonkers' personal interpretation of reality in photography is one of her main strengths. Her works are distinguished by character and a clear vision.

The theme of the exhibition is Rotterdam and Rotterdammers. Through her many photo's, Sandra permits us to see her reality of daily life on Rotterdam's streets. Join us as we explore Sandra Jonkers' photography style and uncover her secrets.

 We hope to see you during the celebration and look forward to sharing with you the                                                                                                                                    wonderful photography of Sandra Jonkers.

See you soon,
Alexey Shifman and all team of RAW Streetphoto Gallery

A: West-Kruiskade 51 D, Cretopia Rotterdam/ Toko51
W: www.rawstreetphotogallery.com
E: info@rawstreetphotogallery.com

Entrance: free

October 7th - 9th 2016 - Sandra Jonkers @ London Image Festival


One of the capital's most exciting events is returning for 2016! 

The London Image Festival (LIF) is an annual festival showing the best of international photography and cinematography. It is the first festival in the world to celebrate both moving and still images together in one event.

Willem and Sandra Jonkers

A husband and wife team that hail from the Netherlands. This year's London Image Festival exhibits their work taken from the streets of Rotterdam. The collection captures ordinary daily life on the city's streets. Willem and Sandra began their street photography shortly after moving to Rotterdam in 2005.